Analysis of the Semantic Field of "Olow" in the Holy Quran with the Focus on the Word "Alin" and Its Application to "Khamsah Tayyebah"

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1 Associate Professor, University of Holy Quran Sciences and Teachings, Qom, Iran

2 PhD Student in Comparative Interpretation, University of Holy Quran Sciences and Teachings, Qom, Iran

3 Level 4 Graduate, Seminary, Qom, Iran


Olow and its derivatives have always been used in the Holy Quran with either positive or negative approaches. In a positive sense, this word is related to concepts such as "divine names and attributes", "prophets", and "close angels", and in a negative sense, it is related to the concepts of "arrogance", "oppression", and "corruption". In this research, the word Alin, which is used in verse 75 of Surah Saad and in the story of the devil not prostrating to Adam (AS), has been examined in a descriptive-analytical method with two semantic approaches and also in the field of philosophical and theological issues. Some have interpreted Alin only semantically and descriptively and in line with the concept of arrogance. Others, in addition to the semantic approach, have paid attention to literary and narrative evidence. As a result, they have considered the verse in the context of praise, and have introduced Khamsah Tayyebah (AS) (The Five) and the guardian angels as examples of Alin. Accordingly, Alin refers to real people who were not commanded to prostrate before Adam (AS) and have a higher rank than the angels who were ordered to do so. This view is more compelling and convincing than the first one due to having more evidence and proof


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