Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 24, September 2023, Pages 7-148 

The Quranic Exegesis Attributed to Imam al-Ḥasan al-ʿAskari (a): Extent of Validity

Pages 27-48

seyyed Razi ghadery; mehrdad Divsalar; seyyed mohammad ghadery

The Acceptable Function of Reason despite the Imam’s Authority from ʿAllāma Majlisī’s Perspective

Pages 49-74

mahmood sarafraz; Hamidreza Shariatmadari; Mostafa JaefarTayari; Mohammad Jafar Rezaei

Theoretical and Practical Relationships between Sufism and Ismailism from the Beginning to the Fall of Alamut

Pages 99-123

Fatemeh Aghaya; mohamad javdan; Hamidreza Shariatmadari; Ali Mousavinejad

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